ARBodies Aluminum Racing Products – Sponsor TBRA

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ARBodies Aluminum Racing Products

ARBodies supported the 2011 TBRA Series of Champions and has once again stepped up to offer its support of the TBRA as we look forward to the 2012 TBRA Series of Champions. ARBodies will be offering support with several awards for the 2012 TBRA Series.

Per race contingency awards include a $50.00 per race product certificate as a “Hard Charger” Award and a $50.00 per race product certificate as Award for “Cool Move of the Race”.

ARBodies knows it can be difficult and expensive to keep a race car looking and performing at its best and has decided to take things to the next level of sponsorship with there outstanding Year End Awards!

ARBodies will be awarding the TBRA Series Champion a FREE “A” Package with a “M” Package Purchase!

ARBodies will also award the TBRA Series “Rookie of the Year” $750.00 OFF a “C” or “M” Package Purchase!

ARBodies – Helping Racers Become Champions! Find out more at

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