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CenPeCo Lubricants has brought their line of superior racing lubricants to the 2012 TBRA Series. CenPeCo’s line of oil and lubricant can be purchased locally through TNT Custom Racing. The advanced lubricants CenPeCo engineers have been tested to the extremes in heavy equipment and tractor pulling for decades.

The advancements CenPeCo has made in protecting the life of your engine and equipment has all been invested in their top of the line Performance Racing Lubricants. CenPeCo Racing Lubricants have placed Johny Clark on top of the field as the PASS Series Champion 6 out of the last 8 years!

CenPeCo is bringing their line of Superior Racing Lubricants to the TBRA Series again in 2012 to help drives perform at their best while better protecting the motor and equipment!

CenPeCo is offering a $50.00 Product Certificate as a contingency award at each of the 10 scheduled TBRA Series Events!

Thank you CenPeCo for your contribution to keeping the field at the TBRA Series running their best! To find out more about CenPeCo’s products and how they can help you stop in your local dealer at TNT Custom Racing or visit Cen-Pe-Co.com.

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