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Official Press Release:

Date: July 20th, 2012

From: TBRA Series Management

Due to recent events and actions by Lake Erie Speedway Management regarding the enforcement of TBRA Series and Non-TBRA Series Rules during TBRA Series Events, The TBRA Series is withdrawing its remaining Lake Erie Speedway events from the schedule.

Lake Erie Speedway has gone against their agreement with the TBRA Series to support and enforce the TBRA Series Rules for fair competition. The 2012 TBRA Series Rules were decided in a joint meeting between TBRA Series Management, Lake Erie Speedway Management, and Motordrome Speedway Management to ensure the pursuit of a fair and equal field of competition for all driver and teams competing in TBRA Series Events. These included Cam Doctor testing and strict ABC Template Body Dimensions. Lake Erie Speedway Officials have not been enforcing ABC Template Body Dimensions equitably across all competitors. Lake Erie Speedway Management has also announced a decision, independent from consultation with the TBRA Series and other supporting tracks, to allow competitors with illegal Camshafts to compete in TBRA Series Events without passing a Cam Doctor test. Lake Erie Speedway Management made this decision in an effort to increase car count at TBRA Series Events, in spite of an average 20+ car count, without consideration for the fair competition the TBRA Series drivers and teams are making a commitment to.

The decisions of Lake Erie Speedway have caused an upset amongst the TBRA Series drivers, teams, other supporting tracks, and the sponsors that support the 2012 TBRA Series. TBRA Series Management has made it clear that the TBRA Series does not support the independent decisions made by Lake Erie Speedway and Lake Erie Speedway Management. The TBRA Series will not support these decisions, as they are not in the best interest of Asphalt Late Model Racing and the principals the TBRA Series was founded on. The principals of fair and equitable competition and a set of Rules negotiated between the TBRA Series, Lake Erie Speedway, and Motordrome Speedway are the foundation for the 2012 TBRA Series. Sponsors offered their support to the 2012 TBRA Series based on their support of the Rules and principals the TBRA Series was enforcing to improve competition in Asphalt Late Model Racing in the area. The TBRA Series has received several grievances from TBRA Series Sponsors as a result of the decisions being made by Lake Erie Speedway in opposition of the TBRA Series Rules.

For these reasons, the two (2) remaining Lake Erie Speedway events have been removed from the schedule. The TBRA Series will continue with the three (3) remaining events scheduled at Motordrome Speedway and CNB Bank Raceway Park to close out the 2012 TBRA Series of Champions and the Points Chase.

In addition, Lake Erie Speedway Tech Officials and Management have notified the TBRA Series that two (2) of the top three (3) finishers at TBRA Series Race #5 (June 30th, 2012) did not pass Final Post Race Tech Inspection. Per TBRA Series Rules, those 2 drivers (names of which, Lake Erie Speedway will not release/confirm to the TBRA Series) should have been Disqualified from the event that night adjusting finish positions, purse payout and points awarded. Due to Lake Erie Speedway’s decision to not enforce TBRA Series Rules in final tech at TBRA Series Race #5 (June 30th, 2012), the Points from that race will be eliminated from the Points Chase Standings in an effort to be fair to all drivers and teams competing in the Points Chase. The TBRA Series Drivers will maintain their finish places in that race and retain their purse payout from the event as those decisions were made by Lake Erie Speedway the night of the event. No TBRA Series Points will be awarded to finish positions for the June 30th, 2012 event. Updated Points Standings will be posted at by 4:00 PM today (July 20th, 2012).

The Points Chase: Drivers who have competed in at least three (3) of the first four (4) TBRA Series races (May 18th, June 2nd, June 22nd, and June 23rd) remain eligible for the Points Chase but must compete in ALL three (3) of the remaining TBRA Series events (August 3rd, September 7-8th, and September 29th) to maintain their eligibility for the Points Fund. All drivers who are currently eligible for the Points Chase have an (*) next to their Name and Points Total.

**Again ALL THREE (3) of the remaining TBRA Series events must be competed in to maintain Points Fund eligibility for driver’s currently eligible as a result of the shortened schedule.**

The TBRA Series asks all drivers and teams to continue their support of the TBRA Series supporting tracks: Motordrome Speedway and CNB Bank Raceway Park as they continue to provide great and exciting racing competition and entertainment. Revised schedule is listed below:

The TBRA Series will host the Friday, August 3rd, 2012 TBRA Series Race at Motordrome Speedway in Smithton, PA.

The TBRA Series will join Stan Lasky for the annual Piney-Lasky 100 lap Event on September 7th and 8th, 2012 at Motordrome Speedway in Smithton, PA.

The TBRA Series will host the Saturday, September 29th, 2012 TBRA Series Race at CNB Bank Raceway Park in Clearfield, PA.

A written procedure for Post Race Tech Inspection will be provided to all drivers, teams, and tech officials prior to the next TBRA Series Race in the driver meeting, in an email following shortly after this press release and will be posted on the TBRA Series website.

Please direct comments and questions regarding the TBRA Series to:

Marketing Manager; Nick Fares @ 330-283-3900 or via email to

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