Interview with 2012 Points Champion George Skora III

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George Skora III speaks on the TBRA Series after winning the 2012 TBRA Series Points Chase Championship! Congratulations George and team.

George Skora III drove the Southern Erie Construction/Buczek Enterprise/Shunk’s West Hill Grill #65 to an impressive end of year record and 2012 Points Championship! George clenched the win by 18 points over the 2nd place of Matt Barndt in the #55 and by 39 points over the 3rd place of Glann Gault, Jr. in the #32. George was looking forward to this season as he was fielding a brand new 2012 Hampke Chassis Chevy Impala with a GM604 crate motor. The crew did a lot of work getting the car together and keeping it running great all through the year as George raced his way to one 1st place victory, two 2nd place finishes, and two 3rd place finishes and maintained the #65 as a consistent competitive threat in every race.

Helping George keep the #65 on the track and supporting him along the way are his dad and car owner, George Skora, his Crew Chief Karl Kruger and crew member Tommy Winter, his fiance Lisa, his mom and the support of all his family, friends and sponsors.

George felt the variety of the tracks in the 2012 TBRA Series created a good mix with new longer tracks like CNB Bank Raceway Park and well established short tracks like Motordrome Speedway and Lake Erie Speedway no one ran away with the series. Although his favorite track remains his home track of Lake Erie Speedway, George said he felt “he got a lot better at Motordrome Speedway this year and ran fast at CNB Bank Raceway Park even though they didn’t end up with the finishes they wanted there due to wrecks.” George said he was glad to see “no one ran away with a clean sweep at any of the tracks involved. It was good to see multiple winners taking victory lane at each track.”

When asked how he felt the series improved and helped drivers/teams in 2012 George supported the main areas of focus the 2012 TBRA Series and supporting tracks set out to bring back to late model racing in the area: higher purse payouts, higher start money, 100 lap feature events, and increased tech namely with the CamDoctor testing and the tire impound. Skora said, “any time I can get into a 100 lap or better race, those are my favorite. I feel I excel at the longer distance and especially the ones that don’t have a competition stoppage. It lets you find the car and the track and put a little distance between the pack.” George said, “the money is what makes it all possible to draw a big field and bring in the competitive drivers from the area. It’s nice to race for big money purses and give the teams a little break with the expenses of racing. Using the same tire at all 3 tracks also helped keep the costs down as 100 lap races didn’t destroy the tires and teams could use the race tires from the previous race as the next races practice tires.”

The TBRA Series saw the benefits of the 100 lap races in more ways than one. We were able to draw larger fields of cars and actually ran the races with fewer cautions as driver’s weren’t fighting for the lead right off the first lap. Teams let the driver and the car settle in the first few laps before beginning to find their line and fight through the traffic. It also gives the fans a really good show.

George also supported the tech improvements stating, “CamDoctor testing was a huge help in making the field level for competition and using marked tires and a tire impound took all the questions out of what teams may have been doing in the past. It is simple and effective and brings racing back to the teams competing with setup and finding the right line to be fast.” George said he, “truly believes the CamDoctor, the 6300 RPM chip, and the Tire Impound are what made the races as competitive as they were and tightened up the field and times.” I think the fans will agree this has been some of the best, most competitive, door-to-door late model racing the area has seen in years!

George and his team also ran a Modified this year on the weekends he wasn’t running the #65 Late Model and for that we want to congratulate him and his team. We know the cost of racing and the time commitment and George and his team are certainly committed to this sport and supporting it through and through. George is “looking forward to next year” and stated, ” we are already tearing the car down to look at changes and rebuilding it for 2013.” He looks forward to running with the TBRA Series again in 2013 and/or running his Modified with the ROC. He said, “it will depend on time and who can get a schedule together first so we can start planning early. We are ready to go again. We are looking for 100 lap or better races with good purse payouts!” George felt the TBRA Series was a great series to run and was “a huge step in the right direction for late model racing”. He looks forward to seeing where it goes in 2013 and the opportunity to stay an active part of the changes the TBRA Series is bringing to late model racing.

Thank you George Skora #65 for your feedback on the TBRA Series and congratulations on your 2012 victory as TBRA Series Points Champion!

We would like to thank all the drivers, their crews and sponsors, the fans, and all three of our supporting tracks: Lake Erie Speedway, Motordrome Speedway, and CNB Bank Raceway Park for their support of the 2012 TBRA Series of Champions!

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