Cam Doctor Testing and TBRA Series Engine Sealing are ready and available!

Cam Doctor Testing Dates:

  • Saturday, April 14th at Motordrome Speedway from 12:00 noon – 4:00 PM (TNT Custom Racing has track rented for practice call Tom Fares at 330-283-4090 if you are interested in practice as well)
  • Saturday, May 5th at Lake Erie Speedway’s Open Practice from 12:00 noon – 6:00 PM (Pit Gates will open around 10:00 AM)
  • Any day by appointment at TNT Custom Racing’s facility at 4488 Allen Road in Stow, OH 44224. Call Nick Fares at 330-283-3900 to schedule an appointment.
  • Any TBRA Series Race in the pits prior to General Race Tech Inspection.

Cam Doctor Testing can be done with motor IN or OUT of car.

Presentation for Testing: 

The driver/car owner must remove the distributor, remove valve cover over #1 cylinder, remove both intake and exhaust rocker arms over #1 cylinder, have rocker stud nuts available to mount testing bracket to your rocker studs, and loosen and remove all spark plugs from the block.

If the motor passes, the motor will be sealed with 2 TBRA Series Cable Seals which are tamper evident and indexed by consecutive and non-repeating serial numbers that will be tracked by TBRA Series officials. If the motor fails, the driver must fix and represent the motor for testing prior to the next TBRA Series race. If tested on a race day and fails, the driver may still race that event but they will wear a 100 pound weight penalty to compete and must have the motor corrected by the next TBRA Series race.

Nominal and Maximum Spec Sheets:

Testing Photos:

Sample Results:

Graph is of a tested 604 Cam that did NOT pass as legal. The black line on the graph is the nominal curve for a stock 604 Cam. The green lines are the tested motor. The data points for the curve are in the Cam Lift by Lobe Report below the graph.

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