Counterfeit MSD Box

Be wary of counterfeit MSD Boxes. In recent news, there are counterfeit MSD 6AL Boxes out there that MSD is aware of and has made public announcement of in Speedway Illustrated and in there own media release.

Please reference the 2 documents here to verify you are running a Genuine MSD Box. We do not have information on how these counterfeits are wired just that they are not Genuine MSD Boxes and for the safety and competitiveness of racing in the TBRA Series these counterfeit boxes will NOT be allowed to run in any TBRA Series Event.

Counterfeit MSD boxes will NOT be allowed in any TBRA Series Event

Be wary of MSD Boxes bought online and not from a direct distributor. If you question whether or not your MSD Box is Genuine please reference the attached documents from MSD or consult a TBRA Series Track Tech Official.

Download a printable PDF of MSD’s Announcement here.

Download printable PDF copy of the Article in Speedway Illustrated here.

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