Rules Addendum 2 – Engine Penalty

Late Model Rule Addendum

March 9, 2012

Crate Engine Penalty:

If a competitor’s engine does not pass the below tests, their engine will not be sealed. A competitor that has their engine checked at the first race and fails the pre seal tech inspection will have to bolt on a 100 pound weight penalty in order to compete. The competitor will have until the next TBRA Series race to make their engine legal to pass the test. If the competitor chooses to run weekly at either Motordrome or Lake Erie Speedway they will have to carry the 100 pound weight penalty until their engine is fixed to pass the tests. If they do not have it fixed by the next TBRA Series race they will not be permitted to compete.

All competitors will be required to have their engine teched and sealed by Lake Erie Speedway, Motordrome Speedway, or the TBRA Series. The tech inspection will consist of a cube check, a compression check, a carb check and a Cam Doctor check. Your motor must pass all points of inspection before being deemed legal. These inspections will be conducted at the shop of TBRA, at Lake Erie Speedway’s practice day and at Motordrome’s practice day or at any future race events as necessary, including post race inspections. Seals of other major sanctioning bodies whose rules, at a minimum meet these requirements will be accepted.

For any further questions please contact the following:

Lake Erie Speedway AJ Moore 814-323-2595

Motordrome Speedway Stan Lasky 814-525-0090

TBRA Tom Fares 330-926-9236

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